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Motion Capture

What is Motion Capture?

Have you ever played a video game and wondered how they get the characters to move in such a life-like way? Or wondered how your favorite Marvel villains like Thanos are played by a human actor? The answer is motion capture! Motion capture performers wear a special suit that has either white spots all over them or built-in movement detectors so the computer can analyze the movement of each body part and super-impose the character onto the human form. If they're capturing the facial expressions as well, they'll put small black dots all over the performer's face and have them wear a special helmet camera to do the same thing with their facial movements.


Pretty cool, huh?

Sarah has trained with some of the top Motion & Performance Capture talent in the industry. With her background in voice acting and professional wrestling, studying Motion Capture was a natural next step. She is a student of The MoCap Vaults, having trained with the renowned motion capture artist and teacher, Richard Dorton, and has worked at Rouge MoCap in Marina Del Rey, CA.


She has also studied facial capture and worked with Jason Linere White at Dropship Studios LA.

She has trained in CQB rifle tactics with Marc Morrisseau (video below).

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